Size guide

We offer nine cake sizes. Below are the servings and width dimensions .

Our 3 layer cake is about 5" high with exception of the cutie sizes  that it's 2 layer cake with 3" high .

The cutie size is just available on the Happy birthday cake and monochromatic cake, since that others designs need a taller cake.

This guide is based on 1"x 2" pieces.


These dimensions don't apply to the naked cakes. 

2 tier cake

  • Small: Small (6") + Large (8") = Up to 36 servings
  • Medium: Medium (7") + Extra large (9") = Up to 46 servings
  • Large: Large (8") + 10" = Up to 64 servings

3 tier cake

  • 10" + Large (8") + Small (6") = Up tp 76 servings


As our cakes are taller than usual, the slices should be narrower, because the pieces will be taller than a traditional cake. It will be equivalent to a piece of traditional cake.

If you have any questions about our cake sizes, please contact us.