Flavor Guide

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Our cakes are:

Made from scratch: Our cakes are made from scratch with high quality ingredients and gourmet flavors.

Made with high quality ingredients: We use Belgian chocolate for our ganache and organic fruits for our made in-house jam. All ingredients are carefully chosen for the best result.

No preservatives or artificial flavors: If there is one thing that you definitely don't want to give to your family, it's fake flavors! They contain so many unhealthy ingredients and cause the cake to lack flavor. At your next celebration. you’ll want to serve a cake that tastes homemade with delicious, real ingredients.

No oversweetening: A lot of bakers think that dessert must be sweet (I mean, really sweet). A cake doesn’t need to be overly sweet to taste good. In fact, overly sweetened cakes leave a bad aftertaste and cause the infamous “sugar crash.”  gourmet cake focuses on being harmonious  so that flavors are distinct and enjoyable. 

Our buttercream is made with a special recipe that uses less sugar than conventional buttercream. The end result is a silky texture that stands apart from typical buttercream. 

Imagine enjoying an entire piece of cake without having to scrape off overly sweetened icing! 

We currently offer four flavors, You'll find our flavors listed on all product pages.

A gluten sensitive option is available for all flavors. 

Vanilla sponge + vanilla cream and homemade strawberry compote

This is the most requested cake from our customers because of how universally pleasing it is. The cream is light and smooth. It is a perfect balance with the nice taste of our homemade  strawberry compote. The result is a soft cake, with just the right amount of sweetness that pleases many palates.

Chocolate  sponge + Belgian chocolate ganache and caramelized nuts

Nuts and chocolate have been great friends for centuries, and this flavor honors that connection. If you are a chocolate fan this cake is a great option. The ganache is made with Belgian chocolate, which is a great combination with the caramelized nuts. This flavor contain all kind of nuts.

Vanilla sponge + lemon cream and homemade blueberry compote

This is a flavor for those wanting to try something new. Despite the typical lemon taste, this cream is also light and is a great combination with blueberry compote.   When paired together, the combination creates a bright and harmonious citrus flavor, as the tart lemon is balanced by the natural sweetness of blueberries.

Chocolate sponge + Chantilly and homemade cherry compote

This cake is a reinterpretation of the classic Black Forest. The chocolate sponge is moist, rich and is perfect with the contrast of the Chantilly cream, which is very smooth. The acidity of the cherry compote gives it the final touch to the flavor. This flavor contain gelatin.

All of our flavors contain dairy, eggs, sugar, and lemon. Contact us for a full ingredient list.

Dietary Restrictions

We offer a gluten sensitive version for all of our flavors, which means that this cake doesn’t contain gluten. However we don't operate in a fully gluten-free facility.

For nut allergies, we produce three flavors that no contains nuts. However, keep in mind that we do operate in a facility that processes tree nuts.

We do not yet offer a vegan option, because we still haven’t found any recipes that meet our quality expectations. 

Special Flavor

We are often creating unique flavors for holidays and different seasons. Sign up for our email list and stay on top of all news!