Order online: The best Happy Birthday cake in the Denver area

Order online: The best Happy Birthday cake in the Denver area

Simplify your life: get your happy birthday cake delivered straight to your door. Made locally with high quality ingredients and minimalist style.

This line of happy birthday cakes is ideal for those who don't have a theme for their party, but still want to celebrate with an elegant, minimalist and delicious cake with the same gourmet flavors as our themed cakes.  

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Everyone loves to have a delicious cake on their birthday. If you’re planning a birthday celebration for someone, finding the perfect happy birthday cake is one of the most important tasks. That cake will be the centerpiece of the most memorable pictures, so it should look great.

However, getting the perfect happy birthday cake can be so overwhelming.

Making a homemade cake doesn’t always work out how we envision it

Happy birthday cake

If you tried to make a cake before you know how much work goes into the entire process: finding the perfect recipes, buying the materials, baking, decorating and cleaning up the mess… It’s time consuming and there’s so much pressure to get it right.  Baking doesn’t always go as planned and if the result isn’t good, there’s not always enough time to try again before the big day. 

You have to guess the quality of an online ordered cake 

Happy birthday cake

In 2022 it’s common to order food online and get it delivered to your home. In fact, many people even order cakes online to simplify their celebration planning. This is much simpler than making the cake yourself or coordinating with a local bakery. Although this is the most convenient approach, you usually sacrifice quality for convenience. 

There are so many options for buying a cake online and getting it delivered to your door, but usually these cakes come from all over the United States so they must be frozen and filled with a lot of preservatives and artificial flavors to increase their shelf life. This usually means that these cakes lack flavor and are ultra processed.

Is a local bakery a good idea?

Happy birthday cake

You can also opt for a local bakery for your special cake, however this process sometimes is not practical or convenient.

First you need to find a place with a great reputation, talk to a salesperson, decide on a design, and then pick it up when it’s finally ready. The biggest issue is you don't know how the cake looks until you pick it up from the bakery. Just like if you were baking the cake yourself,  you can end up with a cake that was not what you were expecting.

Also, it is not always true that local bakeries have the best tasting cakes. A lot of bakeries keep the same menu for years and don't focus on flavor innovation, resulting in boring cakes and overly sweetened icings.

Some cake designers might also choose a cake design with many components that make the cake look outdated and unappealing. A disappointing cake can spoil a great birthday celebration.

Get the best of both worlds by getting your Happy Birthday cake from Made by hand cakes!

Made by hand cakes has a mission to make your birthday celebration a memorable experience by handling the centerpiece of your celebration for you. We make it as easy as possible for you to get the perfect cake: book the delivery date for your happy birthday cake through our online store and we will deliver a fresh cake made with delicious ingredients without any preservatives or artificial flavors.

Here are some more reasons to trust us with the cake for your birthday celebration:

  1. Made from scratch: Our cakes are made from scratch with real ingredients. There is no place for cake mix and ultra processed icing in our shop! 
  2. Made with high quality ingredients: We use Belgian chocolate for our ganache and organic fruits for our made in-house jam. All ingredients are carefully chosen for the best result.
  3. No preservatives or artificial flavors: If there is one thing that you definitely don't want to give to your family its fake flavors! They contain so many unhealthy ingredients and cause the cake to lack flavor. At your next celebration. you’ll want to serve a cake that tastes homemade with delicious, real ingredients.
  4. No over sweetening: A lot of bakers think that dessert must be sweet (I mean, really sweet). A cake doesn’t need to be overly sweet to taste good. In fact, overly sweetened cakes leave a bad aftertaste and cause the infamous “sugar crash.”  gourmet cake focuses on being harmonious  so that flavors are distinct and enjoyable. Our buttercream is made with a special recipe that uses less sugar than conventional buttercream. The end result is a silky texture that stands apart from typical buttercream. Imagine enjoying an entire piece of cake without having to scrape off overly sweetened icing! 
  5. Modern, minimalist and delicate design: Our designs are modern, minimalist, and delicate. Minimalist design is about prioritizing the essential; characterized by simplicity and elegant clean lines, monochromatic palette and balance. Instead of losing focus with many components, we focus on a few quality features that make a perfect accent – achieving a pure form of elegance for every kind of celebration.
  6. We deliver to you: You don't need to worry about leaving your comfortable house to pick up your cake. We deliver straight to your door! Our cakes are made to order and we only deliver locally to the Denver metropolitan area, so you don’t have to worry about the freshness of your cake.


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